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If you are sure that you want to adopt a kitten from our BKH cat breeding into your family, please contact us!

We would be happy to hear an honest little story about you as a person/your family/your cat experience.

Of course, we want our babies to go to a clean home with a loving family in which enough territory can be created. Owners should have cat experience and be aware of the needs of their cats. If you have no experience with cats, you should be willing to read up on the topic and, if necessary, attend courses and under no circumstances smoke cigarettes in the presence of the cats.

We do not teach individually! Keeping cats alone is NOT species-appropriate.

For us, it is therefore a prerequisite for the placement that a second cat is available or will come along as a play and cuddle partner. Humans can neither completely replace communication nor the way of interaction; only cats can do that among themselves.

For us, pure price inquiries show mental immaturity and are ignored.

Price should NEVER be the reason for buying a kitten! If there are problems with the purchase price, how does the buyer ensure the kittens' health care? Keeping cats is a very expensive hobby and a cat from a club-member, clean and reputable breeder's household is and remains a luxury item. The prices for the kittens are always calculated individually and we set them relatively late. Of course, we will clarify all of this before making a reservation, but only after you have introduced yourself in detail to us using your real name.

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